Stand Against the Wind

Stand Against the Wind Author Erwin Raphael McManus
ISBN-10 9781418586003
Release 2006-02-12
Pages 128
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You know it all too well: life is fraught with challenging moments. When the storms of life blow-as they most certainly will-are you going to stand strong, bend, or break? Popular author Erwin Raphael McManus suggests that you discover how to rise above the normal reaction and learn to stand against the wind. Through thought-provoking chapters, McManus takes readers on a journey of transformation through the landscape of their character-from where they start out "Running Free," through "Rising Out of the Ashes," developing "Divine Imagination," and finally, reaching the "Greatness of Servanthood." Readers, ages 18-35, will appreciate this international consultant's expertise on culture, change, leadership, and creativity.

Against the Wind

Against the Wind Author Kat Martin
ISBN-10 9781488031601
Release 2016-09-01
Pages 512
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RANCHER PROTECTOR Sarah Allen burned a lot of bridges when she left her hometown. But when her husband is murdered and his associates come looking for her and her daughter, Sarah has only one place left to go—Wind Canyon, Wyoming. She runs right into Jackson Raines, the man she spurned in high school, who has now become a successful ranch owner. She expects anger from him, but instead she gets mercy… Jackson can tell Sarah and her daughter, Holly, are in trouble, and he can't turn them away. He's never forgotten the beautiful girl he could never have, and she's more alluring now than she ever was in high school. So when Sarah's enemies show up in Wind Canyon, Jackson is determined to protect Sarah and Holly, and prove to them that they've finally found their way home… FREE BONUS STORY INCLUDED IN THIS VOLUME! Savior in the Saddle by USA TODAY bestselling author Delores Fossen Willa Marks only knows she's pregnant, she's afraid for her life and cops are not to be trusted. So why does the handsome local sheriff inspire such feelings of safety…and desire?

Against the wind

Against the wind Author Marty Basch
ISBN-10 0964651009
Release 1995-04
Pages 141
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Against the wind has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Against the wind also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Against the wind book for free.

Flying Against the Wind

Flying Against the Wind Author Andy Russell Bowen
ISBN-10 9780761382607
Release 2011-08-01
Pages 64
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Born in England and raised in the bush of East Africa, Beryl Markham was an extraordinary child--and lived an extraordinary life. She learned how to train racehorses from her father and became the first woman to succeed in Kenya's competitive racing circu

Standing Against the Wind

Standing Against the Wind Author Traci L. Jones
ISBN-10 9781429930468
Release 2010-03-22
Pages 192
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Patrice Williams was happy living in Georgia with her grandmother, who called her "cocoa grandbaby." Then her mother lured her to Chicago and ended up in jail. Now Patrice lives with her Auntie Mae, and her new nickname is "Puffy" – thanks to her giant poof of hair. But Patrice's hair isn't the only reason she sticks out: she cares about her grades and strives for the best. That's why Monty Freeman, another eighth grader who lives in the building, asks Patrice to tutor his little brother. Even though Monty's friends make Patrice uneasy, Monty himself is friendly, confident, and surprisingly smart. When he becomes her guardian angel, Patrice begins to think something stronger than friendship might be growing between them. Still, nothing will stop her from applying for a scholarship at prestigious Dogwood Academy – her ticket out of the project and a school populated by gangs and drug runners. In her debut novel, Traci L. Jones presents a girl with grit she never knew she had, and a boy so inspired by her that he begins to take pride in his own abilities. Standing Against the Wind is a 2007 Bank Street - Best Children's Book of the Year and the winner of the 2007 Coretta Scott King - John Steptoe New Talent Award.

Victoria Ocampo

Victoria Ocampo Author Doris Meyer
ISBN-10 9780292759138
Release 2013-09-24
Pages 332
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The "first lady of Argentine letters," Victoria Ocampo is best known as the architect of cultural bridges between the American and European continents and as the founder and director of Sur, an influential South American literary review and publishing house. In this first biographical study in English of "la superbe Argentine," originally published in 1979, Doris Meyer considers Victoria Ocampo's role in introducing European and North American writers and artists to the South American public—through the pages of her review, through translations of their work, and through lecture tours and recitations. She examines Ocampo's personal relationships with some of the most illustrious writers and thinkers of this century—including José Ortega y Gasset, Rabindranath Tagore, Count Hermann Keyserling, Virginia Woolf, Adrienne Monnier, Vita Sackville-West, Gabriela Mistral, and many others. And she portrays an extraordinary woman who rebelled against the strictures of family and social class to become a leading personality in the fight for women's rights in Argentina and, later, a steadfast opponent of the Perón regime, for which she was sent to jail in 1953. Fifteen of Victoria Ocampo's essays, selected from her more than ten volumes of prose and translated by Doris Meyer, complement the biographical study.

Crops against the wind on the southern Great Plains

Crops against the wind on the southern Great Plains Author Glenn Kenton Rule
ISBN-10 UIUC:30112019288007
Release 1939
Pages 74
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Crops against the wind on the southern Great Plains has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Crops against the wind on the southern Great Plains also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Crops against the wind on the southern Great Plains book for free.

Against the Wind

Against the Wind Author Gwynne Forster
ISBN-10 9781585715893
Release 2010-10-05
Pages 328
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For months, Leslie Collins has been trying to outrun the man who is trying to kill her. Determined to establish some semblance of a normal life while she finishes her masters degree, Leslie arrives at the home of Jordan Saber, looking for a job. Jordan takes pity on her and hires her to help out in the kitchen. He also falls in love with her. Jordan tries to protect Leslie from the pain of her past and the disapproving stares of those in her present. It seems lots of people don't like the fact that Jordan, a white man, has fallen in love with an African-American woman, even though they make a great team and really love each other. Although Jordan is dealing well with the race issue, Leslie must come to understand that regardless of the color of the wrapping, love is a precious gift.

Flight Against the Wind

Flight Against the Wind Author Karen Schwencke Millberg
ISBN-10 UCAL:$B300615
Release 1947-01-01
Pages 182
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Flight Against the Wind has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Flight Against the Wind also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Flight Against the Wind book for free.

Writing Against the Wind

Writing Against the Wind Author Caroline Brettell
ISBN-10 0842027831
Release 1999-01-01
Pages 193
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This biography of Canadian journalist Zoe Bieler explores many of the historical and social issues that have confronted women in the twentieth century. Written by Bieler's daughter, anthropologist Caroline Brettell, Writing Against the Wind uses Bieler's life as a timeline, tracing the triumphs and frustrations women have experienced in the last eighty years.p Several themes that are important to the field of women's studies are examined: genres of female writing, women's biogra-phy and autobiography, the historical circumstances that shape career opportunities for women, the nature of mother-daughter relationships, the problems of working mothers, the idea of women mentoring women, the emergence of feminism and women's issues in both academia and the popular press, and the changing roles of women in journalism.p Drawing from her mother's life experiences as well as her journalistic and personal writings (an appendix featuring some of Bieler's writings is included), Brettell reveals how women have struggled,with balancing a job and raising a family and, at the same time, enduring the stigma attached to women working outside the home.p Thoroughly engaging, this book is ideal for courses in women's studies, women's history, biography/autobiography, women's writing, and women in journalism.

To Spit Against the Wind

To Spit Against the Wind Author Benjamin H. Levin
ISBN-10 UOM:39015061016229
Release 1971
Pages 492
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To Spit Against the Wind has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from To Spit Against the Wind also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full To Spit Against the Wind book for free.

Against the wind

Against the wind Author Martin A. Hansen
ISBN-10 UOM:39015005395788
Release 1979
Pages 276
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Against the wind has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Against the wind also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Against the wind book for free.

Sailing Against the Wind

Sailing Against the Wind Author Kofi Lomotey
ISBN-10 0791431916
Release 1997
Pages 183
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Experienced American educators discuss the impact of social inequalities created by racism and sexism on the U.S. educational system.

Sailing Against the Wind

Sailing Against the Wind Author Jaan Kross
ISBN-10 9780810126527
Release 2012-01-30
Pages 347
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Jaan Kross's historical novel Sailing Against the Wind fictionalizes the life of Bernhard Schmidt (1879-1935), an Estonian-born inventor. Schmidt lost an arm in his youth while experimenting with a homemade rocket, resulting in psychological trauma that would plague him for the rest of his life. Largely self-taught, Schmidt was driven to seek recognition of his talents. He moved to Germany in the 1930s, where, after perfecting techniques for polishing lenses, he began developing ideas for improving astronomical telescopes. He was arrested for selling one to the Russians, and although he got off with only a warning, he later suffered a breakdown and was sent to a mental hospital, where he soon died. Sailing Against the Wind becomes a meditation on national identity, the relationship between history and the individual life, and the mechanisms of the historical novel as a genre.

Against the Wind

Against the Wind Author Michael Diaz
ISBN-10 9780595395729
Release 2006-04
Pages 56
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Vince Vinson was a young man addicted to life. An avid sportsman and world traveller, he was suddenly thrust against adversity when a horrific car accident sent him to a trauma unit at a local hospital, coming face to face with death and the eventual loss of a leg through no fault of his own. Facing incredible pain and grief, hope and depression, Vince strides forward slowly, trying to come to terms with adversity, facing life anew. Together with his loving wife, Susie, Vince strugles with emotional problems, his relationship with Susie and friends, legal battles, lost dreams and finding himself again. Together, they go forward, intent on living life with honor and dignity no matter how much adversity face them. In the end, they find the strenght to take life as it is, giving us a glimpse into the eventual triumph of the human spirit

Against the Wind

Against the Wind Author Mike Mangan
ISBN-10 9781524520175
Release 2016-12-06
Pages 318
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Never before or since has there been such an outlandish proposition—sail 10,500 miles and start a colony from scratch with just convicts. By 1835, about 90 per cent of Sydney’s white population was either convicts, ex-convicts, the children of convicts, or those married to a convict. About 1,000 convicts (2.5 per cent of the population) fled inland and became bushrangers, and 4 per cent of the population was jailers. How does that place end up as the land of the ‘fair go’? How does it become Australia? This is the story of how the Australian character developed through the prism of one family—the Lloyds. Across many generations, they slowly cast off the emotional and iron chains that bound them when they first stepped ashore at Circular Quay. It is the story of Australia.

Against the Wind

Against the Wind Author Carl L. Kell
ISBN-10 9781572336742
Release 2009
Pages 192
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The struggle for control of the Southern Baptist Convention, which was publicly launched in 1979 and concluded in the 1990s, marked an unprecedented turning point in the history of the denomination. Just as a new millennium was dawning, everything in the denomination was different: its priorities, its policies, and its personalities. The conservatives had come decisively to the fore, and those Baptists labeled as moderates found themselves largely exiled from the religious communities that had formed them and to which they had given their lives. Using rhetorical and historical analysis to illuminate the role of the Baptist moderates and the schisms that led to their banishment, Carl Kell argues that the twenty-first-century Baptist diaspora originated, in an unintended fashion, after World War II. Birthed in a postwar revival movement at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, young men and women with little or no training in preaching and religious organization became the progenitors of a distinctive community of moderate believers. Armed with a spirit of evangelism and missions, fueled by a "rhetoric of freedom," these men and women would be among the first exiles and martyrs of the fundamentalist takeover that occurred years later. As he probes the rhetoric that defined the moderate voice in Southern Baptist life, Kell also shows how the rise of a conservative counter-rhetoric associated with biblical inerrancy and related doctrines came into play to exclude and divide members of the convention. Complementing Kell's text are contributions by several other prominent observers of the Southern Baptist "holy wars," among them William Hull, Bill Leonard, and Duke McCall. The end result is a unique and penetrating examination of not only where the Baptist moderates came from, but where they are headed and how they will get there. Carl Kell is professor of communication at Western Kentucky University. He is the editor of Exiled: Voices of the Southern Baptist Convention Holy War and coauthor, with Raymond Camp, of In the Name of the Father: The Rhetoric of the New Southern Baptist Convention.