City Birds Country Birds

City Birds  Country Birds Author Sharon Stiteler
ISBN-10 9781591935391
Release 2008-06-18
Pages 192
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The city, the country, an apartment, it doesn't matter where you live; you can draw birds to your area. "The BirdChick" Sharon Stiteler shares tips and secrets that will help you bird watch from any residence. Get info about feeders, seed and bird houses, and find out how to attract wanted guests and how to deal with unwanted visitors.

Choreographie des Klangs Zwischen Abstraktion und Erz hlung Choreography of Sound Between Abstraction and Narration

Choreographie des Klangs   Zwischen Abstraktion und Erz  hlung   Choreography of Sound   Between Abstraction and Narration Author Marie-Luise Goerke
ISBN-10 9783525480090
Release 2015-05-01
Pages 391
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English summary: Radio is a medium in flux, malleable and ever changing. For the past 90 years it has specialised in artistic, documentation and direct acoustic representations of the world. Mobility, openness and the chance to reach a vast audience has drawn artists to the radio since its beginnings. How the Horspiel, a polyartistic medium of Radio's own creation, offers the other art forms a field of play, was one of the themes of the symposium, which, promoted by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes, took place in Karlsruhe in November 2013. The question was also raised how the other arts - literature, theatre, visual arts, new music, opera - approach the acoustic. Choreography of Sound intends to put the Horspiel in context with other art forms. In this meeting of multiple disciplines the aesthetic possibilities of the acoustic can be explored and new developments identified. Horspiel practicioners meet sound-poets, theoreticians, dramaturgs, authors, composers and performance artists whose work crosses the traditional borders of genre. German description: Das Radio, seit neunzig Jahren spezialisiert auf die kunstlerische, dokumentarische oder realitatsabbildende Reprasentation der Welt durch das akustisch Gestaltete, ist das Chamaleon unter den Medien: flink und standig wandelbar. Die Beweglichkeit, Offenheit und Breitenwirkung des Radios hat Kunstler seit jeher angezogen. Welche Spielraume nun das Horspiel, die ureigenste Form des Radios, als polyartistisches Medium anderen Kunstsparten bietet, war eines der Themen des Symposiums, das, gefordert von der Kulturstiftung des Bundes, wahrend der 10. ARD-Horspieltage im November 2013 in Karlsruhe stattfand.In dem Band, der die wichtigsten Vortrage des Symposiums wiedergibt, wird danach gefragt, wie andere Kunste - Literatur, Theater, Bildende Kunst, Neue Musik, Oper - sich dem Akustischen zuwenden. In der Begegnung verschiedener Disziplinen werden die asthetischen Moglichkeiten des Akustischen ausgelotet und neuere Entwicklungen thematisiert. Horspielmacher treffen auf Soundpoeten, Theoretiker, Theatermacher, Autoren, Komponisten und Performance-Kunstler, deren Arbeiten die Grenzen angestammter Genres uberschreiten. Es wird der Frage nachgegangen, welche Rolle Klange, Gerausche, Sprache, Rhythmus und Musik in ihren Arbeiten und in ihrem Denken spielen. Und welchen Einfluss neue technische Gegebenheiten auf Erzahl- und Rezeptionsformen haben.

1001 Secrets Every Birder Should Know

1001 Secrets Every Birder Should Know Author Sharon Stiteler
ISBN-10 9780762448326
Release 2013-04-30
Pages 296
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Bird watching is one of the most popular hobbies in America, and 1,001 Secrets Every Bird Watcher Should Know is the first photographic guide and fact book written in a humorous conversational tone that appeals to every age and skill level. Replete with sound information, 1,001 Secrets will expose many birding myths: a bald eagle cannot carry off a four-month old baby, and crows do not go sledding for fun. This accessible guide includes fun facts, such as where certain birds got their names, how birds eat, how they find a life partner, and how they build a home for the chicks. Other useful information includes identification tips, migration patterns, and where the best birding vacation spots are. Packed with full-color photos, 1,001 Secrets Every Bird Watcher Should Know is a fun, informative read for every bird watcher.

God of the Bible God of the Church

God of the Bible   God of the Church Author Barbara Ann Phipps
ISBN-10 9781600348020
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 100
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God of the Bible God of the Church has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from God of the Bible God of the Church also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full God of the Bible God of the Church book for free.

The Dark Side of Technology

The Dark Side of Technology Author Peter Townsend
ISBN-10 9780198790532
Release 2017-01-12
Pages 336
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The Dark Side of Technology is aimed at a mass market of intelligent people who are concerned about human progress, interested or amused by many of the unexpected consequences of technological advance, and probably unaware of the dangers which we are accruing for ourselves. Although the book spans a very wide spectrum of ideas, no previous scientific knowledge is required. Other books have focussed on different topic areas, but none have previously presented thegenerality of the patterns across medicine to agriculture, electronics, communications, a global economy and a burgeoning population. Technology invariably advances faster than our understanding of sideeffects, or our realisation that we have become vulnerable to natural events that could eliminate advanced nations, nor that mutagenic changes may not be apparent for one or two generations. This is therefore both an alarm call and a guide to survival.

Success Secrets of Sherlock Holmes

Success Secrets of Sherlock Holmes Author David Acord
ISBN-10 9781101545720
Release 2011-11-01
Pages 208
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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle funneled much of his real-life genius-and the brilliance of others around him-into Sherlock Holmes, creating a character greater than the sum of his parts. In this quirky and intriguing look at the traits that made Sherlock Holmes successful, David Acord explores how to unleash our own genius. Not only does Acord give unique in sights into the character of Sherlock Holmes and his creator, but you'll also discover: - How to cultivate a passion for definite and exact knowledge that will help you achieve your goals faster than you thought possible - Why focusing on the little things is one of the most overlooked keys to success The value to knowing what other people don't know Why you should step up and take credit (death to modesty!) - The importance of admiring your enemy - Why we should all have friends in low places

Backyard Birding for Kids

Backyard Birding for Kids Author Fran Lee
ISBN-10 1423608976
Release 2009-09-01
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The newest in our popular children's activity line for budding bird lovers!This informative field guide and activity book teaches kids about birds of all varieties, in the city, country, desert, or at the beach-because no matter where you go, you're bound to spot a bird! Kids will learn about making the backyard bird-friendly, building a bird feeder, and creating their own bird watching notebook to record sightings, locations, information, and notes from the field.

Veronica s Grave

Veronica s Grave Author Barbara Bracht Donsky
ISBN-10 9781631520754
Release 2016-05-10
Pages 338
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Winner of the 2016 Silver Medal for best non-fiction memoir from Readers' Favorite When Barbara Bracht's mother disappears, she is left a confused child whose blue-collar father is intent upon erasing any memory of her mother. Forced to keep the secret of her mother's existence from her younger brother, Barbara struggles to keep from being crushed under the weight of family secrets as she comes of age and tries to educate herself, despite her father's stance against women's education. The story is not only of loss and resilience, but one showing the power of literature—from Little Orphan Annie to Prince Valiant to the incomparable Nancy Drew—to offer hope where there is little. Told with true literary sensibility, this captivating memoir asks us to consider what it is that parents owe their children, and how far a child need go to make things right for her family.

Wilding a Tame Heart One naturalist s experiences

Wilding a Tame Heart One naturalist s experiences Author Jane Wood
ISBN-10 9781598588149
Release 2008
Pages 292
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"The stories in this collection are true, each an experience my family had with wildlife. Some offer my observations and reflections on the flora and fauna surrounding our property, some are wildly happy or tearfully sad adventures, and some are followed by an original poem. They appeared as weekly columns in the local newspaper. The Wilson Saily Times. The columns in this book were published beginning April 2006 through May 2008. Part Two includes Christmas stories of December 2006 and 2007"--Preface.

Dating the Best Man

Dating the Best Man Author Gail Sattler
ISBN-10 9781460380086
Release 2015-04-01
Pages 192
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Could Cory Bellanger Be More Than a Friend? The tall, dark and handsome forest ranger has a way of making Daphne Carruthers feel safe. Her brother's buddy is also awakening feelings deeper than friendship. Daphne wants to believe in the future Cory's offering, but first she must come to terms with her painful past. Helping Daphne recover from a difficult relationship, Cory knows he has to be careful where her heart is concerned. And Cory is hiding a secret of his own that could destroy the fragile trust they're starting to build. Can he stop their pasts from sabotaging their future together—and convince Daphne he's the best man for her?

The Human Age The World Shaped By Us

The Human Age  The World Shaped By Us Author Diane Ackerman
ISBN-10 9780393245844
Release 2014-09-10
Pages 352
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Winner of the 2015 National Outdoor Book Award for Natural History Literature and the 2015 PEN New England Henry David Thoreau Prize. A dazzling, inspiring tour through the ways that humans are working with nature to try to save the planet. Ackerman is justly celebrated for her unique insight into the natural world and our place in it. In this landmark book, she confronts the unprecedented reality that one prodigiously intelligent and meddlesome creature, Homo sapiens, is now the dominant force shaping the future of planet Earth. Humans have "subdued 75 percent of the land surface, concocted a wizardry of industrial and medical marvels, strung lights all across the darkness." We tinker with nature at every opportunity; we garden the planet with our preferred species of plants and animals, many of them invasive; and we have even altered the climate, threatening our own extinction. Yet we reckon with our own destructive capabilities in extraordinary acts of hope-filled creativity: we collect the DNA of vanishing species in a "frozen ark," equip orangutans with iPads, and create wearable technologies and synthetic species that might one day outsmart us. With her distinctive gift for making scientific discovery intelligible to the layperson, Ackerman takes us on an exhilarating journey through our new reality, introducing us to many of the people and ideas now creating—perhaps saving—our future and that of our fellow creatures. A beguiling, optimistic engagement with the changes affecting every part of our lives, The Human Age is a wise and beautiful book that will astound, delight, and inform intelligent life for a long time to come.

Bird Brain Teasers

Bird Brain Teasers Author Patrick Merrell
ISBN-10 9781603426411
Release 2008-09-24
Pages 324
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Why does the Blue Grouse migrate north in the winter? Why did Lewis Carroll use a dodo bird to represent himself in "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"? What are the bird names that appear most often as crossword clues? Birdwatchers and puzzle fans alike will delight in "Bird Brainteasers," a fresh collection of puzzles, games, and avian amusements by noted puzzle creator Patrick Merrell. This book is packed with bird-themed crosswords, visual puzzles, and the first-ever Birdoku challenges. Interspersed throughout are fascinating and amusing bird facts, trivia, and lore, drawn from everything from music and literature to popular culture. Packaged is a small format and highly illustrated with a unique combination of historical and cultural images, "Bird Brainteasers" is the perfect gift for any bird lover. Put down the binoculars and pick up a pencil!


Anthrozoology Author Michael Charles Tobias
ISBN-10 9783319459646
Release 2016-12-20
Pages 338
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This groundbreaking work of both theoretical and experiential thought by two leading ecological philosophers and animal liberation scientists ventures into a new frontier of applied ethical anthrozoological studies. Through lean and elegant text, readers will learn that human interconnections with other species and ecosystems are severely endangered precisely because we lack - by our evolutionary self-confidence - the very coherence that is everywhere around us abundantly demonstrated. What our species has deemed to be superior is, according to Tobias and Morrison, the cumulative result of a tragically tenuous argument predicated on the brink of our species’ self-destruction, giving rise to a most unique proposition: We either recognize the miracle of other sentient intelligence, sophistication, and genius, or risk enshrining the shortest lived epitaph of any known vertebrate in earth’s 4.1 billion years of life. Tobias and Morrison draw on 45 years of research in fields ranging from ecological anthropology, animal protection and comparative ethics to literature and spirituality - and beyond. They deploy research in animal and plant behavior, biocultural heritage contexts from every continent and they bring to bear a deeply metaphysical array of perspectives that set this book apart from any other. The book departs from most work in such fields as animal rights, ecological aesthetics, comparative ethology or traditional animal and plant behaviorist work, and yet it speaks to readers with an interest in those fields. A deeply provocative book of philosophical premises and hypotheses from two of the world’s most influential ecological philosophers, this text is likely to stir uneasiness and debate for many decades to come.

Bird Tracks Sign

Bird Tracks   Sign Author Mark Elbroch
ISBN-10 0811726967
Release 2001
Pages 456
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Songbirds, waterfowl, owls, shorebirds, warblers, woodpeckers, nightjars, birds of prey Dozens of feather groups photographed in color A sighting in the field is just one way birders can identify bird species. Observant nature-lovers can discover what birds are where by examining tracks, trails, and a variety of bird sign: discarded feathers, feeding leftovers and caches, pellets, nests, droppings, and skulls and bones. This fully illustrated guide--the first of its kind for North American birds--presents thorough and straightforward instruction for identifying bird families or individual species by careful examination of the unique sign they leave behind. It also offers keys to the birds' behavior in the wild.

The Backyard Bird Watcher

The Backyard Bird Watcher Author George Harrison
ISBN-10 9780671663742
Release 1988-06-15
Pages 296
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Provides practical information on converting backyards into model bird sanctuaries, setting up feeding stations, bird houses, and water areas, treating sick and injured birds, and taking outstanding photographs


Proceedings Author
ISBN-10 CHI:54432470
Release 1998
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Proceedings has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Proceedings also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Proceedings book for free.

Going Coastal New York City

Going Coastal New York City Author Barbara La Rocco
ISBN-10 097298030X
Release 2004-02
Pages 305
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"An ultra-useful guide that brings together all the information necessary to enjoy the waterfront, in a compact, well-organized form" - Phillip Lopate, author of Waterfront: A Journey Around Manhattan Use this guide to discover the beaches, boardwalks, historic sites, and marine attractions, as well as the limitless opportunities for waterside fun, dining, and adventure in the five boros of New York. Designed for travelers and locals, alike, Going Coastal New York City offers the best, most comprehensive information on what's happening along New York City's over 500 miles of coastline.