Generation X

Generation X Author Douglas Coupland
ISBN-10 9780349141305
Release 2015-02-19
Pages 224
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Andy, Dag and Claire have been handed a society beyond their means. Twentysomethings, brought up with divorce, Watergate and Three Mile Island, and scarred by the 80s fallout of yuppies, recession, crack and Ronald Reagan, they represent the new generation- Generation X. Fiercely suspicious of being lumped together as an advertiser's target market, they have quit dreary careers and cut themselves adrift in the California desert. Unsure of their futures, they immerse themselves in a regime of heavy drinking and working in no future McJobs in the service industry. Underemployed, overeducated and intensely private and unpredicatable, they have nowhere to direct their anger, no one to assuage their fears, and no culture to replace their anomie. So they tell stories: disturbingly funny tales that reveal their barricaded inner world. A world populated with dead TV shows, 'Elvis moments' and semi-disposible Swedish furniture.

The Manager s Pocket Guide to Generation X

The Manager s Pocket Guide to Generation X Author Bruce Tulgan
ISBN-10 0874254183
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 102
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This book explains in simple terms what makes Generation X employees different, and how to put their unique skills and characteristics to work on behalf of your organization. An essential resource for managers to recruit, train, motivate, and retain young employees.

Generation X

Generation X Author J. Steven York
ISBN-10 0425171434
Release 1999-12
Pages 277
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Commissioned long ago to protect the X-gene--the key to the next step in human evolution--the genogoths are challenged when one of their own flees for her life. Original.

Generation X Rocks

Generation X Rocks Author Christine Henseler
ISBN-10 9780826515643
Release 2007
Pages 264
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Essays in this volume explore the popular cultural effects of rock culture on high literary production in Spain in the 1990s.

The Generation X Librarian

The Generation X Librarian Author Martin K. Wallace,
ISBN-10 9780786486113
Release 2011-04-07
Pages 224
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"Generation X includes those individuals born roughly between the years 1961 and 1981. This collection of critical essays showcases the unique qualities and challenges that face Generation X librarians. Topics covered include management and leadership, rapidly changing technology, social attitudes and stereotypes within popular culture, and how Generation X librarians have responded to or developed upon those themes"--Provided by publisher.

The Cinema of Generation X

The Cinema of Generation X Author Peter Hanson
ISBN-10 9780786480784
Release 2002-02-20
Pages 227
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"This book is a critical study of the films directed by Generation Xers and how those directors have been influenced by their generational identity. Topics include the influence of popular culture, postmodern narrative devices, "slackerdom" and the lack of direction, disenfranchisement and nihilism, the ever-evolving role of technology, gender issues and sexuality, the question of race, international peers, the influence of older filmmakers, and visions for the future."--BOOK JACKET.

Managing Generation X

Managing Generation X Author Bruce Tulgan
ISBN-10 0393320758
Release 2000
Pages 287
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The book that exploded the slacker myth and introduced the world to the real GenX: flexible, technoliterate, information-savvy, entrepreneurial, and perfectly adaptable to the new just-in-time workplace.

X Saves the World

X Saves the World Author Jeff Gordinier
ISBN-10 9781440639616
Release 2008-03-27
Pages 224
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Read Jeff Gordinier's posts on the Penguin Blog In this simultaneously hilarious and incisive "manifesto for a generation that's never had much use for manifestos," Gordinier suggests that for the first time since the "Smells Like Teen Spirit"breakthrough of the early 1990s, Gen X has what it takes to rescue American culture from a state of collapse. Over the past twenty years, the so-called "slackers"have irrevocably changed countless elements of our culture-from the way we watch movies to the way we make sense of a cracked political process to the way the whole world does business.

Generation X Professors Speak

Generation X Professors Speak Author Elwood Watson
ISBN-10 9780810890701
Release 2013
Pages 215
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With Baby Boomers now moving into retirement, members of Generation X have come to the forefront of American society. Consequently, understanding Generation X—and the potential impact of the independent, sometimes rebellious spirit that characterizes it—is critical. In Generation X Professors Speak: Voices from Academia, Elwood Watson has assembled a unique collection of thematically arranged essays by academics that offers insights into the issues, conflicts, and triumphs that epitomize this often overlooked generation. The essays cover topics ranging from career, class, family life, health, music, and physical disabilities to race, religion, and sexuality. Together, the essays define the characteristics and demonstrate the diversity of Generation X, and will appeal to scholars, students, and others interested in social history, psychology, gender studies, and popular culture.

Marketing to Generation X

Marketing to Generation X Author Karen Ritchie
ISBN-10 9781439106099
Release 2002-01-15
Pages 192
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As so-called baby boomers age, there has arisen a new generation to be categorized, characterized, analyzed, stereotyped, written about, targeted, and advertised and sold to. And apparently none of this can happen without first tagging it with a label. The name that seems to have stuck so far is "Generation X," taken from Douglas Coupland's 1991 novel. If nothing else, though, that label suggests an unknown quantity and emphasizes the fact that the most recent generation to come of age is more diverse and fragmented than any before. Undaunted, Ritchie, a past senior vice-president at advertising powerhouse McCann-Erickson and now responsible for media buying for General Motors, argues that marketers and advertisers have ignored differences between "X-er's" and "boomers," which they must now face up to or risk losing this newly dominant market. Traits belonging to this group worth noting, suggests Ritchie, are its diversity, fascination with interactivity, resistance to obvious or patronizing marketing appeals, uncertain future, and general resentfulness of the attention the previous generation received.

The Death Proclamation of Generation X

The Death Proclamation of Generation X Author Maxim W. Furek
ISBN-10 9780595463190
Release 2008
Pages 220
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Taking a hard, penetrating look at the despondent heart of darkness of the 1990s, The Death Proclamation of Generation X is a probing chronicle of America's thirteenth generation caught between the idealistic Baby Boomers and the well-financed Generation Y. Generation X was scapegoated and dismissed without the chance to prove themselves.Blending tenets of psychology, sociology, and cultural anthropology, author Maxim Furek offers a unique perspective to the post-modernist discourse by exploring the impact that personalities such as Andrew Wood, Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, River Phoenix, Marilyn Manson, and Anna Nicole Smith left on that generation. Evaluating the psychological and sociological variables of goth, grunge, and heroin, Furek weaves a dark tapestry of this unique demographic group born between 1965 and 1978.The Death Proclamation of Generation X pieces together the complexities of Generation X to acknowledge their individuality, honor their existence, and to celebrate their future. They are a group with their own identity of music, attitude, and culture. The resilience of Generation X is but another example of the power of this special collection of people-a group of highly skilled and adaptive individuals. Penn State University has listed this book as recommended reading for "Introduction to Abnormal Psychology" and "Health Psychology."

What s Next Gen X

What s Next  Gen X Author Tamara J. Erickson
ISBN-10 9781422120644
Release 2010
Pages 237
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Keeping Up, Moving Ahead, and Getting the Career you want

Screening Generation X

Screening Generation X Author Christina Lee
ISBN-10 9781317058694
Release 2016-04-01
Pages 194
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Screening Generation X: The Politics and Popular Memory of Youth in Contemporary Cinema examines popular representations of Generation X in American and British film. In arguing that the various constructions of youth are marked by major cultural shifts and societal inequalities, it analyzes the iconic 'Gen X' figures ranging from the slacker, the teenage time traveller, and third wave feminists, to the oeuvre of Molly Ringwald and Richard Linklater. This book explores the important cultural work performed by films that mediate the experiences of Generation X and critiques the ongoing marginalization of the youth who struggle to find their identity and a voice in increasingly unstable times. Specific analyses of such films as Pump Up the Volume, The Breakfast Club, Heathers, Donnie Darko and Waking Life are used to illustrate the research.

Generation X Presidents Leading Community Colleges

Generation X Presidents Leading Community Colleges Author Martha M. Ellis
ISBN-10 9781475831542
Release 2017-03-08
Pages 130
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The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) reports over 900 presidential transitions in the last five years. It also estimated that nearly 50% of presidents will retire in the next 5 years. The flood of imminent retirements of sitting presidents and other senior leaders from community colleges is widely known. As community colleges are facing unprecedented challenges with the exodus of successful presidents, Generation X leaders are stepping in to fulfill the vacant leadership positions. This book is about them—their views on the community college presidency, new challenges facing community colleges, balancing work and other obligations, tapping future rock star leaders, and what every president needs to know that was not taught in graduate school.

Generation X

Generation X Author Leroy Young
ISBN-10 UTEXAS:059173016328288
Release 1999
Pages 72
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Generation X has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Generation X also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Generation X book for free.

Baby Boomers Generation X and Social Cycles

Baby Boomers  Generation X and Social Cycles Author Edward Cheung
ISBN-10 1896330061
Release 2007
Pages 320
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Baby Boomers, Generation X and Social Cycles examines the population growth rates of the United States and Canada from 1789 to the present and shows that population growth rates have not always been uniform throughout history. When birth rates increased, baby booms were created and when birth rates decreased, Generation Xs were born. These changes in population growth have created recurring themes in history.Each baby boom was followed by a period of increasing activism. When birth rates declined, society entered a period of decreasing activism. In the 1900?s and 1910?s the women?s movement was revitalized to rally for voting rights, the settlement-house movement was established to help the poor and the new music was called Jazz. As a result of the baby boom of the 1940?s and 1950?s, similar themes re-emerged in the 1960?s and 1970?s. The women?s movement was revitalized for equal rights, the War on Poverty was carried on by governments and the new music was called Rock.In the 1920?s there was a great investment boom followed by the collapse of the stock market. Social security, healthcare and pension plans were the themes of the 1930?s to the 1950?s. Millions of people were given entitlements to these benefits for the first time. From the 1980?s onward, we have again entered a period of rising stock markets with a focus on pensions, healthcare and social security. Numerous histories and statistics are examined to show how changes in population growth have affected our social, political and economic life.

Generation X Vol 1

Generation X Vol  1 Author Christina Strain
ISBN-10 9781302500924
Release 2017-11-01
Pages 136
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Collecting Generation X (2017) #1-6. The Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach has opened its doors, and is ready to foster the next generation of heroes and diplomats! But this time around, the X-Men recognize an unfortunate truth: not all mutants are created equal. Some mutants are just not made to fight Sentinels or serve as ambassadors on behalf of their kind. Some mutants will be lucky just to survive another day in a world that hates and fears them. These are the students who should be kept out of harm's way when the Purifiers target the campus! And who better to mentor mutantkind's lovable losers through life out of the limelight...than perpetual sidekick Jubilee! But will her Generation X survive the experience?!