Heart Of Honor

Heart Of Honor Author Kat Martin
ISBN-10 9781552547861
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 400
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Krista Hart, publisher of the weekly London ladies' gazette Heart to Heart, is not afraid to speak her mind. Even on such unpopular issues as social reform—risking her reputation and her very safety—Krista will not be intimidated, although she knows full well she is the target of angry opposition for her outspoken views. When she encounters a powerful Viking descendant imprisoned as a local sideshow attraction, Krista angrily demands his release. Although she tells herself that freeing Leif Draugr is simply the right thing to do, she can't deny being attracted to the fierce Nordic chieftain, especially after her father transforms him into a "proper" English gentleman. But as anonymous threats against Krista become more and more aggressive, it is Leif who must face the unseen enemies desperate to silence her, even as they push her closer into the embrace of a warrior prepared to do whatever it takes to make her his.

Heart Of Honour

Heart Of Honour Author Kat Martin
ISBN-10 9781742912943
Release 2011-09-03
Pages 408
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Krista Hart, publisher of the weekly London ladies' gazette Heart to Heart, is not afraid to speak her mind-even if it involves risking her reputation and her safety. When she encounters a powerful Viking descendant imprisoned as a local sideshow attraction, Krista demands his release. Although she tells herself that freeing Leif Drauger is simply the right thing to do, she can't deny being attracted to the fierce Nordic chieftain. But as anonymous threats against Krista intensify, it is Leif who must face the unseen enemies desperate to silence her, even as they push her closer into the embrace of a warrior prepared to do whatever it takes to make her his.

Heart Of Honor Mills Boon M B The Heart Trilogy Book 1

Heart Of Honor  Mills   Boon M B   The Heart Trilogy  Book 1 Author Kat Martin
ISBN-10 9781408955161
Release 2011-11-01
Pages 260
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Krista Hart, publisher of the weekly London ladies' gazette Heart to Heart, is not afraid to speak her mind.

Heart of Honor

Heart of Honor Author Connie Stevens
ISBN-10 9781624166174
Release 2013-02-01
Pages 176
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Abigail Locke resents having to leave the fort at New Echota and travel to Raleigh, but she has no choice. Her father insists, and there’s no way resisting will change his mind or help their already strained relationship. Then Abby learns a dishonorably discharged officer is to be her guide and the situation becomes yet more bleak—leaving Abby uncertain whether to trust a dishonored soldier, and as the journey progresses, even less sure of his ability to lead her and her companion to their destination.

Harrison s Heart A SEALs of Honor World Novel

Harrison s Heart  A SEALs of Honor World Novel Author Dale Mayer
ISBN-10 9781773360409
Release 2017-05-29
Pages 320
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Welcome to Harrison’s Heart, book 7 in Heroes for Hire, reconnecting readers with the unforgettable men from SEALs of Honor in a new series of action-packed, page turning romantic suspense that fans have come to expect from USA TODAY Bestselling author Dale Mayer. When a call for help comes from Ice’s father, Harrison steps up. A senator has been shot, his wife beaten and his kids are in the wind. It’s up to Harrison to find the answers everyone is looking for. Including finding the senator’s ex-military and pissed at the world daughter. Only she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Zoe is on a mission. There’s no room in her world for heroes – especially not Harrison. But he won’t take no for an answer. Only Zoe has angered the wrong people, and they won’t stop until they put an end to her meddling or better yet – to her. With so much going on, Harrison struggles to pull the pieces together – before their world is completely blown apart – permanently. Books in Heroe's for Hire (A SEALs of Honor World Series): 1. Levi's Legend 2. Stone's Surrender 3. Merk's Mistake 4. Rhodes's Reward 5. Flynn's Firecracker 6. Logan's Light 7. Harrison's Heart - July 2017 8. Saul's Sweetheart - August 2017 9. Dakota's Delight - September 2017 10. Michael's Mercy - October 2017 Books in the SEALS of Honor series: 1. Mason 2. Hawk 3. Dane 4. Swede 5. Shadow 6. Cooper 7. Markus 8. Evan 9. Mason's Wish 10. Chase 11. Brett 12.. Devlin 13. Easton 14. Ryder 15. Macklin 1-3. SEALs of Honor 1-3 4-6. SEALs of Honor 4-6 7-10. SEALs of Honor 7-10 SEALs of Honor, Dale Mayer, action and adventure, Military romance, seal romance, navy seals, hot seals, spicy seals, seal military romance, armed forces romance, black ops, seals for hire, military romance suspense, seal romance suspense, military romance novel, Second Chances, International, Small town, redemption, suspense, USA Today bestselling author

Honor before Heart

Honor before Heart Author Heather McCorkle
ISBN-10 9781516102860
Release 2017-03-21
Pages 260
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Risking it all for love and valor . . . When Corporal Sean MacBranian awakens after being injured in battle, he is sure the luck o’ the Irish has run out on him. Or that he’s died and gone to Heaven. There can be no other explanation for the blond-haired, blue-eyed angel standing before him. But his “angel” is a truehearted lass named Ashlinn, and she wears a nurse’s uniform. Her tender ministrations have brought him back from the brink of death—and have given him a new reason for living. Ashlinn knows their parting is inevitable; her handsome hero must return to the 69th infantry of the Union army, and there are no guarantees of his safe return. With most of her family already destroyed by the war ravaging America, she is sure she cannot survive another loss. Yet she feels powerless against the draw of Sean’s strong and steady heart. Neither time nor distance nor the danger of battle seems to lessen their bond. But when their secret letters are intercepted, the devoted nurse’s love will face the ultimate test . . . “McCorkle knows how to tug at a reader’s heartstrings . . . readers fascinated by the Civil War and Irish-American history will be satisfied with this refreshing historical romance.” —RT Book Reviews, 4 stars

Heart s Honor

Heart s Honor Author Susan Weldon
ISBN-10 0380780674
Release 1995
Pages 380
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Journeying to America in order to escape his past and settle down, British rakehell Brendan Hammon is unaware that his younger brother has gotten a beautiful woman pregnant in the New World while using Brendan's name. Original.

The Honor Cycle

The Honor Cycle Author Harrison Wilder
ISBN-10 9781490803548
Release 2013-12
Pages 118
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How is your relationship with your parents? Do you want the same kind of relationship with your own children? The Honor Cycle reveals the two ancient practices that help you make the most of these important family relationships: practicing honor and releasing blessing. Working together, these practices initiate a natural cycle that builds strong families, even societies, from one generation to the next."These days, most books focus on what parents need to raise better children, but The Honor Cycle sheds light into the two-way nature of the relationship between parents and children. It highlights how God works across generations to fulfill His greater plans. The insights in this book helped me understand those small but daily building blocks that have strengthened my relationship with my parents." --Kelly, Teacher, VA The global challenges that we face in this time are far too large for one generation to handle alone. Building a more prosperous future will require cooperation on a whole new level. As a result, the relationship between generations has become a major building block for the future. Learning the secrets of The Honor Cycle will help you bring generations together, both at work and at home, building an enduring legacy for the future. Here are a few things you can expect: * gain new appreciation for the role of your parents * discover how the practice of honor can restore and enhance relationships * realize your power to release blessing to your children * understand how the cyclical relationship between honor and blessing work to pass along successes from generation to generation * learn practical ways to practice honor and release blessing right nowLearn to open the door for blessing in your own life through the practice of honor. Then, discover how to pass that blessing along to future generations. That's the power of The Honor Cycle.

A Texan s Honor

A Texan s Honor Author Shelley Gray
ISBN-10 9781426753848
Release 2012-03-01
Pages 326
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Texas, 1874. Years ago, Will McMillan had fought in the open, next to his Captain, Clayton Proffitt. Now he’s waging another war undercover, pretending to be a member of the notorious Walton Gang. But when a hostage situation goes awry and an innocent woman is in the middle of the fray, Will knows he must protect her no matter what happens. Even if his cover is blown. Even if they risk being killed by his gang or by the lawmen on their trail. Even if the woman he’s risking everything for will never love him back.

Quiet Heart Folio Edition

Quiet Heart  Folio Edition Author Sleeping Crow
ISBN-10 9780557685424
Release 2010-09-22
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Northwestern Native American spiritual traditions handed down as oral teachings now put into a more familiar context. Subjects include the Way of Spirit, the Way of Power, the Way of the Warrior and others.

Liberalism with Honor

Liberalism with Honor Author Sharon R. Krause
ISBN-10 0674007565
Release 2002
Pages 270
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Why do men and women sometimes risk everything to defend their liberties? What motivates principled opposition to the abuse of power? In Liberalism with Honor, Sharon Krause explores honor as a motive for risky and difficult forms of political action. She shows the sense of honor to be an important source of such action and a spring of individual agency more generally. Krause traces the genealogy of honor, including its ties to conscientious objection and civil disobedience, beginning in old-regime France and culminating in the American civil rights movement. She examines the dangers intrinsic to honor and the tensions between honor and modern democracy, but demonstrates that the sense of honor has supported political agency in the United States from the founders to democratic reformers such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Martin Luther King, Jr. Honor continues to hold interest and importance today because it combines self-concern and personal ambition with principled higher purposes, and so challenges the disabling dichotomy between self-interest and self-sacrifice that currently pervades both political theory and American public life.

Prayers from the Heart

Prayers from the Heart Author Honor Books
ISBN-10 1562926365
Release 1999-12-01
Pages 206
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"* Each page begins with a scripture verse, followed by a poignant, down-to-earth, heartfelt prayer that is based on the theme of the verse.* A verse comes from every book of the Bible, and follows the order that the Bible is arranged in, so the reader is led from Genesis to Revelation three different times throughout the book.* Not only will people be drawn to the theme of heartfelt prayers, but the gift-appropriate cover and interior design will catch the eyes of discerning book buyers.What kind of prayers does God want from you? He simply wants them to be from your heart. Here is a collection of prayers that helps readers express joys, sorrows, triumphs, defeats, dreams, fears, aspirations, and frustrations to the God who invites each person to come confidently into His presence through prayer. Both simple and eloquent, these prayers have been created by real people-businessmen, housewives, theologians, schoolteachers, senior adults, writers, and college students-who experience the same range of emotions we do!

A Rattling of Sabers

A Rattling of Sabers Author Dr. Greg Bourgond
ISBN-10 1938908171
Release 2012-10-11
Pages 324
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Becoming a Christian man means more than simply saying a few words of acceptance and attending church. It is a transformation of one’s beliefs, values, attitudes, and motives. Even so, developing a heart after God isn’t easy; it requires dedication and courage. A true spiritual roadmap for the Christian man, A Rattling of Sabers leads men on a spiritual journey to help them embrace a renewed relationship with Christ. Dr. Greg Bourgond reveals how men can live godly lives filled with authenticity, integrity, courage, and honor under God’s authority. Building on nearly four decades of ministering to men through discipleship, mentoring, teaching, and leadership development, he offers an experienced, trustworthy voice for the road ahead. Dr. Bourgond shares personal illustrations and fresh theological insights to teach men to embrace their unique wiring and to accept God’s purpose for their lives. He also provides guidance on how to correct corrupted behavior. Dr. Bourgond shows that through prayer and study of God’s word, living God’s preferred lifestyle is not only possible, but brings blessings beyond imagining. When today’s culture prefers men to actless than godly, A Rattling of Sabers is a timely study that encourages men to bring glory and honor to God.

Heartlifters for Young at Heart

Heartlifters for Young at Heart Author Susan Duke
ISBN-10 145160484X
Release 2010-06-15
Pages 66
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Duke compiles inspirational stories of well-known men and women who continued to make an impact well beyond the years of their youth to show the joy and inspiration from those truly young at heart. Youth and vitality are a state of mind and a reflection of the heart. This beautiful book is a tribute to those who may not be "kids" anymore, but who brighten the landscape of life with their youthful exuberance and excitement for living. Your heart will soar as you read inspirational stories of well-known men and women who continued to impact our work well beyond the years of their youth. You'll learn surprising details about people you just thought you knew, and you'll see that wisdom shines b righter, talent runs deeper, and the wealth of experience is more inspirational in those who are young at heart. Whether for yourself or a youthful friend or loved one, the true stories, inspirational messages, and the surprise foldout pages with words of encouragement from God will lift your heart for years to come.

From the Father s Heart

From the Father s Heart Author Charles Slagle
ISBN-10 9780914903826
Release 1989-12-01
Pages 160
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Charles Slagle promises in this book to provide a glimple into God's heart, his nature and ways. His literary device is the letter, letters written by God to his beloved children and filled with counsel, encouragement, affection, and sometimes reproof.

The heart of England

The heart of England Author Honor Tracy
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105039487447
Release 1983-06
Pages 181
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The heart of England has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The heart of England also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The heart of England book for free.

Heart of a Cowboy

Heart of a Cowboy Author Linda Lael Miller
ISBN-10 9781460397732
Release 2017-02-01
Pages 384
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From "First Lady of the West" Linda Lael Miller and New York Times bestselling author B.J. Daniels come two tales of love and trust in big sky country Creed's Honor Linda Lael Miller Conner Creed knows exactly who he is: a hardworking rancher carrying on his uncle's legacy in Lonesome Bend, Colorado. Maybe a small-town cowboy's life isn't his dream, but he owes the man who took him in as a kid. When he meets Tricia McCall, a newcomer to the small town, he discovers a kindred spirit who knows a thing or two of her own about living someone else's dreams. As they each struggle with their desires, together they might just find their own dreams in Lonesome Bend. Unforgiven B.J. Daniels In Beartooth, Montana, land and family are everything. So when Destry Grant's brother is accused of killing Rylan West's sister, the high school sweethearts leave their relationship behind in order to help their families recover from tragedy. Years later, Destry is dedicated to her ranch and making plans for the future. Plans that just might include reuniting with the love of her life. Rylan, too, is done denying his feelings for Destry. But when her brother returns to clear his name and the secrets of the past threaten to resurface, their last chance at love may turn them against each other for good.