Meat Eater

Meat Eater Author Steven Rinella
ISBN-10 9780679645283
Release 2012-09-04
Pages 256
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“Revelatory . . . With every chapter, you get a history lesson, a hunting lesson, a nature lesson and a cooking lesson. . . . Meat Eater offers an overabundance to savor.”—The New York Times Book Review Steven Rinella grew up in Twin Lake, Michigan, the son of a hunter who taught his three sons to love the natural world the way he did. As a child, Rinella devoured stories of the American wilderness, especially the exploits of his hero, Daniel Boone. He began fishing at the age of three and shot his first squirrel at eight and his first deer at thirteen. He chose the colleges he went to by their proximity to good hunting ground, and he experimented with living solely off wild meat. As an adult, he feeds his family from the food he hunts. Meat Eater chronicles Rinella’s lifelong relationship with nature and hunting through the lens of ten hunts, beginning when he was an aspiring mountain man at age ten and ending as a thirty-seven-year-old Brooklyn father who hunts in the remotest corners of North America. He tells of having a struggling career as a fur trapper just as fur prices were falling; of a dalliance with catch-and-release steelhead fishing; of canoeing in the Missouri Breaks in search of mule deer just as the Missouri River was freezing up one November; and of hunting the elusive Dall sheep in the glaciated mountains of Alaska. Through each story, Rinella grapples with themes such as the role of the hunter in shaping America, the vanishing frontier, the ethics of killing, the allure of hunting trophies, the responsibilities that human predators have to their prey, and the disappearance of the hunter himself as Americans lose their connection with the way their food finds its way to their tables. Hunting, he argues, is intimately connected with our humanity; assuming responsibility for acquiring the meat that we eat, rather than entrusting it to proxy executioners, processors, packagers, and distributors, is one of the most respectful and exhilarating things a meat eater can do. A thrilling storyteller with boundless interesting facts and historical information about the land, the natural world, and the history of hunting, Rinella also includes after each chapter a section of “Tasting Notes” that draws from his thirty-plus years of eating and cooking wild game, both at home and over a campfire. In Meat Eater he paints a loving portrait of a way of life that is part of who we are as humans and as Americans. Praise for Meat Eater “Full of empathy and intelligence . . . In some sections of the book, the author’s prose is so engrossing, so riveting, that it matches, punch for punch, the best sports writing.”—The Wall Street Journal “Steven Rinella is one of the best nature writers of the last decade. . . . This book was a page-turner.”—Tim Ferris “Rinella’s writing is unerringly smart, direct, and sharply detailed.”—The Boston Globe “A unique and valuable alternate view of where our food comes from.”—Anthony Bourdain

Marine meat eater

Marine meat eater Author John K. Evans
ISBN-10 UOM:39015073376736
Release 1974
Pages 190
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Marine meat eater has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Marine meat eater also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Marine meat eater book for free.

The Perfectly Contented Meat eater s Guide to Vegetarianism

The Perfectly Contented Meat eater s Guide to Vegetarianism Author Mark Warren Reinhardt
ISBN-10 0826410820
Release 1998-01-01
Pages 249
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Describes the advantages of vegetarianism, the range of foods available to vegetarians, and how to shop for and prepare vegetarian meals

My Dog the Meat Eater

My Dog  the Meat Eater Author Daniel Trask
ISBN-10 1883684498
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 132
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Set on a farm in a small, worn-out city that was once a booming industrial center, this coming of age novel is told from the points of view of several characters. It examines the profound bonds formed between people, animals, and the world around them.

Brown Bear

Brown Bear Author Meish Goldish
ISBN-10 9781936087259
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 24
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Describes the natural habitat, physical characteristics, diet, life cycle, and behavior of the brown bear, the biggest meat-eater on land.

The Skeptical Vegan

The Skeptical Vegan Author Eric C. Lindstrom
ISBN-10 9781510717619
Release 2017-07-25
Pages 280
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Growing up in an all-women household and coddled endlessly by his Italian mother and grandmother, Eric Lindstrom was nourished to obesity on meaty sauces, fried eggs, and butter-laden cookies. After spending the first half of his life as an adamant omnivore, Lindstrom went 100% vegan. Reluctantly. Overnight. From burgers to beets, from pork to parsnips. It’s time for a down-to-earth book that proves anyone can go vegan (even someone who once ate sixty-eight chicken wings in a sitting). How can a man adopt a vegan approach? Won’t he die of protein deficiency? What if he is married to a vegan woman? How would he order a salad at a Minnesota steakhouse? What should he bring to a gluten-free, nut-free, macrobiotic, nightshade-free, oil-free, vegan potluck (true story)? Part confession and part survival guide, The Skeptical Vegan explains how simple it really is to be vegan, covering topics from food and nutrition to social challenges and lifestyle. Snarky, witty, and opinionated to a fault, Lindstrom speaks as a male vegan, contesting the notion that “real men” should only eat meat. With twenty original “veganized” recipes including portobello steaks, carrot hot dogs, tofu wings, “meaty” chili, and cauliflower bites (which helped him shed thirty pounds), Lindstrom demonstrates how to take control of your diet while still eating “meatily” and taking into account the ethical considerations of living a better life for the animals, the environment, and yourself.


Ceratosaurus Author Virginia Schomp
ISBN-10 0761420096
Release 2006
Pages 31
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"Describes the physical characteristics and behavior of Ceratosaurus and other horned meat-eaters"--Provided by publisher.

Living Among Meat Eaters

Living Among Meat Eaters Author Carol J. Adams
ISBN-10 9781590561164
Release 2008-09-01
Pages 324
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Carol J. Adams offers real-life advice that vegetarians can use to defuse any situation in which their dietary choices may be under attack. This practical guide is full of self-tests, strategies, meditations on vegetarianism, and tips for dining out and entertaining at home when meat eaters are on the invite list. Offering more than fifty of Carol Adamss favourite vegetarian recipes, this book is sure to become every vegetarians most trusted source of support and information.

Tales of a Lonely Meat Eater

Tales of a Lonely Meat Eater Author Maw Shein Win
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105111570110
Release 1991
Pages 95
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Tales of a Lonely Meat Eater has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Tales of a Lonely Meat Eater also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Tales of a Lonely Meat Eater book for free.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex Author Sheila Hammer
ISBN-10 9781429679329
Release 2012-01-01
Pages 24
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"In graphic novel format, text and illustrations present Tyrannosaurus rex, its characteristics and probable behavior, and information about extinction"--Provided by publisher.


Dinosaur Author David Lambert
ISBN-10 9781405338103
Release 2001-07-26
Pages 48
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Packed with facts and written in an accessible style Eye Wonders are the perfect educational start for young children. Dramatic atmospheric photography provides a wealth of visual information.


Tyrannosaurus Author Virginia Schomp
ISBN-10 0761410201
Release 2003
Pages 32
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An introduction to the physical characteristics and habits of Tyrannosaurus rex and other meat-eating dinosaurs.

Fred Billington

Fred Billington Author Tony Joseph
ISBN-10 0950799297
Release 2008
Pages 138
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Fred Billington has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Fred Billington also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Fred Billington book for free.

Allosaurus and Other Jurassic Meat Eaters

Allosaurus and Other Jurassic Meat Eaters Author Daniel Cohen
ISBN-10 1560652861
Release 1995
Pages 48
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Describes four dinosaurs from the Jurassic period including Allosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Ceratosaurus, and Coelurus.

Meat Eaters and Plant Eaters

Meat Eaters and Plant Eaters Author Jessica Treat
ISBN-10 1934414220
Release 2009
Pages 159
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This long-awaited third collection of stories by a master short story writer is sensual and cerebral.

Treatments for High Blood Pressure Obesity Stress and High Blood Sugar

Treatments for High Blood Pressure  Obesity  Stress and High Blood Sugar Author
Release 2014-01-30
Pages 284
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The e-book "Treatments for High Blood Pressure, Obesity, Stress and High Blood Sugar" offers a holistic approach to acquiring and maintaining your physical, mental, and spiritual health through the use and consumption of natural foods, herbs and beverages. It also stresses the need to avoid adultrated, synthetic, artificial chemicalized,refined, denatured, Franken foods, Franken beverages, disease causing and energy draining junk foods, dead animal corpses and chemicalized drinks. It suggests how the readers can form fruit and vegetable co-ops, community gardens and acquire more wholesome foods that are locally grown. It also gives insight as to how international corporations and the US government conspires to push unhealthy foods and medicines onto the consumer public at a profit to the corporation(s).

Tiere t ten und essen

Tiere t  ten und essen Author Steven Rinella
ISBN-10 9783864134548
Release 2014-09-12
Pages 286
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Steven Rinella ist der Sohn eines Jägers, der seine Leidenschaft und Liebe zur Natur schon früh an seine Söhne weitergegeben hat. Tiere töten und essen beschreibt anhand von zehn Jagdabenteuern die Entwicklung Rinellas vom zehnjährigen Naturburschen zum 37-jährigen Großstadtvater, der seine Familie von der Jagd in den entlegensten Gegenden Nordamerikas ernährt. Rinella thematisiert dabei auch immer wieder die Hintergründe der Jagd, ethische Gesichtspunkte des Tötens, den Reiz von Jagdtrophäen, die Verantwortung, die der menschliche Räuber gegenüber seiner Beute besitzt und das Verschwinden des Jägers aus der Gesellschaft, seitdem den Menschen die Verbindung zur Herkunft ihrer Nahrung zunehmend verloren geht. Ein wichtiges Buch für alle, die nicht auf den Genuss von Fleisch verzichten möchten und dem Vegetarismus-Trend kritisch gegenüberstehen.