Money Author Penny Dowdy
ISBN-10 077874342X
Release 2008
Pages 24
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Introduces the concept of counting money, using everyday activities and items to illustrate its denominations, equivalents, other forms, and how it is used.

What is money

What is money Author Joseph Beuys
ISBN-10 9781905570256
Release 2010
Pages 89
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The world of finance exerts a huge influence over our lives, being responsible for economic turmoil and seemingly interminable peaks and crashes. Whereas money was once a simple means of exchange, today it is a commodity in itself and as 'capital' exerts power over individuals, degrading work to tradable labour. Can we find a new way of understanding money today, so that we can begin to overcome its destructive aspects? In November 1984 a remarkable discussion took place at the Meeting House in Ulm, Germany. It featured the radical artist Joseph Beuys, two professors (of Financial Sciences and Political Economics) and a banker. Beuys would appear to be out of place among these heavyweight academics, professionals and authors. But rather than being intimidated by his fellow panellists, Beuys û also a social and political activist û demonstrates his groundbreaking thinking on the subject, and his ability to bring fresh perspectives. Here for the first time is a transcript of this debate, together with analysis by Ulrich R6sch, which will be of equal interest to artists, economists and spiritual seekers.


Money Author Jennifer Waters
ISBN-10 0756503744
Release 2002
Pages 24
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A simple introduction to various types of currency used around the world.

Money and Its Use in Medieval Europe

Money and Its Use in Medieval Europe Author Peter Spufford
ISBN-10 0521375908
Release 1989-09-21
Pages 484
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This is a full-scale study of the history of money, not merely of coinage, to have been written for medieval Europe. The book is not limited to one country, or to any one period or theme, but extracts the most important elements for the historian across the broadest possible canvas. Its scope extends from the mining of precious metals on the one hand, to banking, including the use of cheques and bills of exchange, on the other. Chapters are arranged chronologically, rather than regionally or thematically, and offer a detailed picture of the many and changing roles played by money, in all its forms, in all parts of Europe throughout the Middle Ages. Thus money is seen as having differing values for differing parts of individual societies. The book shows money moving and changing as a result of war and trade and other political, economic and ecclesiastical activities without regard for national barriers or the supposed separation between 'East' and 'West'.

Art Money

Art   Money Author Marc Shell
ISBN-10 0226752135
Release 1995-06-01
Pages 213
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Examines the many material, social, and symbolic connections among art, money, and religion throughout Western history, and investigates current matters of art collection, counterfeiting, and crises in the financial world, with the help of many illustrations. UP.


Money Author Edward Bulwer Lytton Baron Lytton
Release 1845
Pages 72
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Money has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Money also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Money book for free.


Money Author Adele Richardson
ISBN-10 0886825555
Release 1999-01-01
Pages 31
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Provides a simple history of money as it replaced bartering, explains how some types of money are made, and shows how things such as checks and credit cards serve as invisible money.

The Social Meaning of Money

The Social Meaning of Money Author Viviana A. Rotman Zelizer
ISBN-10 0691048215
Release 1997
Pages 286
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A dollar is a dollar--or so most of us believe. Indeed, it is part of the ideology of our time that money is a single, impersonal instrument that impoverishes social life by reducing social relations to cold, hard cash. Arguing against this conventional wisdom, Viviana Zelizer, a distinguished social scientist and prize-winning author, shows how people have invented their own forms of currency, earmarking money in ways that baffle market theorists, incorporating funds into webs of friendship and family relations, and otherwise varying the process by which spending and saving takes place.

Money in Classical Antiquity

Money in Classical Antiquity Author Sitta von Reden
ISBN-10 9781139788632
Release 2010-11-18
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This book was the first to undertake a comprehensive analysis of the impact of money on the economy, society and culture of the Greek and Roman worlds. It uses new approaches in economic history to explore how money affected the economy in antiquity and demonstrates that the crucial factors in its increasing influence were state-formation, expanding political networks, metal supply and above all an increasing sophistication of credit and contractual law. Covering a wide range of monetary contexts within the Mediterranean over almost a thousand years (c.600 BC–AD 300), it demonstrates that money played different roles in different social and political circumstances. The book will prove an invaluable introduction to upper-level students of ancient money, while also offering perspectives for future research to the specialist.

What Is Money

What Is Money Author Mary Firestone
ISBN-10 0736826424
Release 2004-07-01
Pages 24
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Covers why money is used, currencies of the world, and how bills and coins are made in the United States.


Money Author
ISBN-10 0963517643
Release 1994
Pages 158
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Money has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Money also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Money book for free.


Money Author Robert Young
ISBN-10 1575050706
Release 1998
Pages 48
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Surveys the history, development, manufacture, and use of money in its various forms throughout the world.


Money Author Mark F. Dobeck
ISBN-10 0313338523
Release 2007
Pages 228
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Provides an introduction to money and financial systems, covering such topics as banking institutions, stock markets, risk management, short-term debt, exchange rates, derivatives, bonds, and the impact of globalization and technological advances on finance.

Outlook Money

Outlook Money Author
Release 2008-12-31
Pages 49
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Outlook Money has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Outlook Money also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Outlook Money book for free.


Money Author David Axlerod
ISBN-10 0822207710
Release 1964
Pages 58
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THE STORY: As described by Billboard, MONEY concerns a wealthy young man, almost a modern 'Candide,' spurred on to do something in the world by a girl he loves. Pushed on by his love, the young man discovers that the working world, the professiona


Money Author Douglas Gale
ISBN-10 0521289009
Release 1982-09-30
Pages 349
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This book deals mainly with what can be described as the general-equilibrium approach to monetary theory. The author does not attempt an encyclopaedic treatment, rather Gale investigates the central problems and ideas in the development of topical monetary theory. The first part of the book - technically the easier - deals with questions which will be recognized as falling within the traditional field of (macroeconomic) monetary theory, although the treatment is unflaggingly microeconomic. The second part is less conventional, dealing with the general equilibrium theory of money in a fundamental way.

Money and Markets

Money and Markets Author Robert W. Clower
ISBN-10 0521335604
Release 1986-10-31
Pages 300
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Robert Clower's influential essays discuss monetary economics and monetary behaviour.