Pause Author Katherine Gibson
ISBN-10 9781897414941
Release 2006
Pages 232
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Pause: Putting the Brakes on a Runaway Life puts the hurried life on notice. Pause challenges the chaos that churns in our society with gentle suggestions to inject moments of fun, adventure, and self-care. Pause will convince you that life dramatically improves when we replace meaningless activities, back-to-back commitments, and unfulfilling obligations with activities that give life zest.

Pause and Effect

Pause and Effect Author M.B. Parkes
ISBN-10 9781351912464
Release 2016-12-05
Pages 343
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From its publication in 1992 Pause and Effect has become a cornerstone of the study of punctuation across the world. Described as 'magisterial' by Lynne Truss in her best-selling Eats, Shoots and Leaves, this book has stimulated interest and scholarly debates among writers, literary critics, philosophers, linguists, rhetoricians, palaeographers and all those who study the use of language. To celebrate this extraordinary achievement, Pause and Effect has been republished in September 2008, coinciding with the publication of the author's new work, Their Hands Before Our Eyes. The first part of Pause and Effect identifies the graphic symbols of punctuation and deals with their history. It covers the antecedents of the repertory of symbols, as well as the ways in which the repertory was refined and augmented with new symbols to meet changing requirements. The second part offers a short general account of the principal influences which have contributed to the ways in which the symbols have been applied in texts, focusing on the evidence of the practice itself rather than on theorists. The treatment enables the reader to compare usages in different periods, and to isolate the principles which underlie the use of punctuation in all periods. The examples and plates which are at the core of the book provide the reader with an opportunity to test the author's observations. The examples are taken from a wide range of literary texts from different periods and languages. Latin texts are accompanied by English translation intended to illustrate the use of punctuation in the originals in so far as this is possible.

Pause Effect

Pause   Effect Author Mark Stephen Meadows
ISBN-10 0132798255
Release 2002-09-10
Pages 272
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Interactive narrative is the cornerstone for many forms of digital media: web sites, interface design, gaming environments, and even artificial intelligence. In Pause & Effect, Mark Stephen Meadows examines the intersection of storytelling, visual art, and interactivity. He takes the key principles from these areas and applies them to the design, architecture, and development of successful interactive narrative. This provocative book will appeal to designers with its edgy aesthetic and artistic sensibility. Striking graphic and typographic imagery complement unique design features that encourage interactivity through varying levels of information, different navigational possibilities, and even flip-book animations.

Sabbath Pause

Sabbath Pause Author Terry Chapman
ISBN-10 9781770644458
Release 2012-08
Pages 224
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In a world where most of us fervently complain, "There just isn't enough time!" we need to learn how to pause and truly rest. With Sabbath Pause, Terry Chapman offers a resource based on the Judeo-Christian tradition of Sabbath that can change the way we live in time. The original Jewish "Sabbath" referred to a 24-hour period every seven days which was set aside for worship, rest, and renewal. Sabbath Pause offers daily writings that encourage us to make time for small Sabbaths each day--a time to stop, breathe, reflect, and direct our focus with a particular intention, be it listening for God in the noise of life or dreaming the impossible dream. Each day Chapman uses a combination of poetry and prose as well as quotations from scripture and literature to explore a theme. This exploration is followed by questions for reflection, a breath prayer, and an "intention" for the day. Using this daily spiritual practice, Chapman opens us to a new rhythm or way of living life with and in God--a way that can nourish our deepest needs. If you know there is more to living than the rush of daily life, if you are looking for something deeper but don't know where to start, this book will provide the inspiration and the tools you need. Sabbath Pause can be used individually or in community.

Pregnant Pause

Pregnant Pause Author Han Nolan
ISBN-10 9780152065706
Release 2011
Pages 340
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Married, pregnant, and living at a "fat camp" in Maine, sixteen-year-old Eleanor has many questions about her future, especially whether the marriage will last and if she should keep the baby.


Pause Author Stuart Fail
ISBN-10 9780595430031
Release 2007-09
Pages 324
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"Who's missing?" Kelly Fowler is missing. But Kelly isn't just missing-she's dead. Julian Brown, still devastated by the untimely death of his wife, travels to England with his high school students for a fun-filled summer of theater. What begins as an innocent journey to Wessex becomes a full-blown nightmare as Julian finds himself caught in the middle of a murder investigation involving student Kelly Fowler. Kelly and Julian have known each other for quite some time. They were close-maybe too close. As the sleepy town of Blandford Forum stirs at the gossip, news of the murder travels overseas to Julian's hometown in the United States. Now his relationship with Kelly is being questioned at every turn. Soon, a diary, a secret, and an overwhelming number of enemies push Julian into a corner, forcing him to react in the only way he understands

Speech Rate Pause and Sociolinguistic Variation

Speech Rate  Pause and Sociolinguistic Variation Author T. Kendall
ISBN-10 9781137291448
Release 2013-03-08
Pages 247
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This book provides a fascinating account of the psycholinguistic and social factors behind variation in speech timing in US English. With detailed discussions of its methods and data, it also acts as a valuable model for conducting corpus (socio)phonetic research.

The Pause Principle

The Pause Principle Author Kevin Cashman
ISBN-10 9781609945329
Release 2012
Pages 162
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Nearly all of us experience the suffering of overwork, over-stimulation, overachievement and hyper-expectation. We are asked to do more with less, but where is the energy and capacity going to come from? Rather than doing more, we need to learn to do differently in order to achieve. We need to slow down to go fast, step back to energize, take a breath to connect with presence, and look at the same situations with fresh, innovative thinking. Otherwise we will continue to crash economically, personally, and collectively. In today's dynamic world, Pause will become the new transformative principle, the catalyst for purpose-filled innovation and renewal. More than just a work or philosophy or spirituality, The Pause Principle provides real tools and practices to make pausing a part of every leader's everyday life. Cashman shows how pausing in many forms can provide better, fresher thinking in all areas of business and human relations. The book focuses on how pausing helps improve self-awareness, purpose, listening skills, energy, problem-solving, and innovation. The Pause Principle gives leaders an alternative path to sustainable achievement. It provides tools to re-connect to self, others, and new opportunities.


Pause Author Frank Moher
ISBN-10 PSU:000005491117
Release 1975
Pages 70
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Pause has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Pause also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Pause book for free.


Pause Author Emily Carr
ISBN-10 192670603X
Release 2009-12-01
Pages 176
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While studying art in London, Emily Carr seriously undermined her health and was sent to a sanatorium for a complete rest cure. Bridling at the hospital’s rules, which prohibited excitement of any kind, the always rebellious Carr proceeded to make friends, raise birds, and cause trouble. In words and enchanting sketches, Carr presents a funny, poignant account of her 18-month convalescence.

Pause Points

Pause Points Author Gene Harker MD PhD with Curt Smith
ISBN-10 1449710174
Release 2011-02-14
Pages 184
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If you have ever added a few extra pounds, spent too much time on the couch, damaged a relationship, alienated a coworker, or just simply felt burnt out, you know, first hand, the angst, guilt, and frustration of ill-health. There’s often a gap between the life we desire and the life we live. Pause Points is written to help us bridge this very real gap. In it’s pages, we discover Seven Essentials of Health and Well-Being: • Love the Ones You’re With • Fill Your Mind with the Best • Bring Out the Best in Others • Eat Mindfully • Exercise Faithfully • Find Peace and Relaxation • Connect with the Creator With these Essentials in mind, Dr. Harker introduces us to Pause Points—an experiential process designed to help us find the closeness, peace, and satisfaction we desire. Through a series of exercises, we learn to slow our pace, reflect, dream, plan, connect, and experience a new positive trajectory in life. Join the growing revolution of those who desire to flourish. Refusing to settle, they seek the very best, striving to get the most out of each day.

The Breathless Pause

The Breathless Pause Author Moyra Caldecott
ISBN-10 9781843195528
Release 2007-04-01
Pages 204
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Moyra Caldecott has been writing poetry for many years, and has had many poems published in magazines and anthologies. She has frequently read her poems at venues in London and the West Country. She was a member of the Dulwich Group in the 1960s and 70s, and in 2005 she was made an honorary Bard of Bath. For the first time, a selection of her poems have been brought together in this book in celebration of her 80th birthday.

The Pause Revised Edition

The Pause  Revised Edition Author Lonnie Barbach
ISBN-10 9781101666685
Release 2000-01-01
Pages 336
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Since its original publication in 1993, The Pause has become known as the authoritative guide to menopause--a previously overlooked topic of great importance to women. The significant amount of new research on menopause and perimenopause amassed in recent years has led bestselling author Lonnie Barbach to completely revise and update this groundbreaking classic. Important additions include eight entirely new sections on topics such as SERMs (selective estrogen receptor modulators), phytoestrogens, and the impact of menopause on the female immune system. This additional research is combined with new information about menopause and mood, weight gain during menopausal transition, breast cancer survivors taking estrogen, the positive effect of estrogen on dementia and Alzheimer's, and new alternatives to traditional HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for managing hot flashes, improving bone density, and assisting breast cancer survivors. All together, the latest edition of The Pause is a must-have resource for any woman facing the "next third" of her life.


Pause Author Danielle Marchant
ISBN-10 9781912023288
Release 2017-05-29
Pages 10
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**FREE SAMPLER** "Danielle Marchant is a beguiling leader - a refreshing mix of pragmatic and soulful. She facilitates with a light hand and an engaged heart" Queen of Retreats Pause is an important message ready to be heard. We check our phones an average of 221 times a day, we have apps that help us sleep and remind us to be mindful while we secretly measure our success in 'likes'. Time is our luxury and yet with technology we are never able to leave the office, even when we aren't there. The fear of missing out makes us rush from one thing to the next, not really taking any of it in. Pause allows you to finally put yourself, your feelings and your intuition first. Learning to say no, doing the things that make you feel good, and not doing the things that don't make you feel good - these are not self indulgent, listening to your own heart and wisdom doesn't make you selfish, slowing down to appreciate your life isn't lazy or unambitious. It is an ancient message, but still just as strong; when you pause to take care of yourself and your own life, you become the person you're meant to be. This book gives you the space and the practices so that you can learn how to benefit from the power of the pause. It uses nature, creativity and your inner spirit to allow the energy to flow freely once again. There are exercises to ground you, give access to your intuition, to breathe deeply and allow your monkey mind to settle. It gives you time to explore what is big in your life right now, to know deep down what matters. It opens you up, allowing you to freely experience all the pain, the joy and the twists and turns of life. It gives you back your courage, your fire and your connection. We hope you enjoy this free sampler!

Pause Before the Pulpit

Pause Before the Pulpit Author William W. Helland
ISBN-10 9780788023736
Release 2005
Pages 256
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Today's busy pastors must cope with a diverse range of physically and emotionally draining tasks. Yet as they balance the many competing demands on their time, the essential element for maintaining a vital and successful ministry is carving out time for their own spiritual regeneration. Before pastors can effectively proclaim the Good News to the people in the pews, they must attend to their ongoing relationship with the God whom they serve. Based on each Sunday's epistle and gospel texts from Cycle B of the Revised Common Lectionary, this collection of prayerful reflections specifically addresses the spiritual needs of the clergy. Rather than a primer on how to preach the text, these devotions explore what the scripture passages have to say about the personal lives of pastors and their public ministry. It's an ideal resource to begin weekly sermon preparation with, as each thoughtful contemplation prepares the heart for faithful preaching of God's Word.

Where the Dead Pause and the Japanese Say Goodbye A Journey

Where the Dead Pause  and the Japanese Say Goodbye  A Journey Author Marie Mutsuki Mockett
ISBN-10 9780393246742
Release 2015-01-19
Pages 352
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“Read it. You will be uplifted.”—Ruth Ozeki, Zen priest, author of A Tale for the Time Being Marie Mutsuki Mockett's family owns a Buddhist temple 25 miles from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. In March 2011, after the earthquake and tsunami, radiation levels prohibited the burial of her Japanese grandfather's bones. As Japan mourned thousands of people lost in the disaster, Mockett also grieved for her American father, who had died unexpectedly. Seeking consolation, Mockett is guided by a colorful cast of Zen priests and ordinary Japanese who perform rituals that disturb, haunt, and finally uplift her. Her journey leads her into the radiation zone in an intricate white hazmat suit; to Eiheiji, a school for Zen Buddhist monks; on a visit to a Crab Lady and Fuzzy-Headed Priest’s temple on Mount Doom; and into the "thick dark" of the subterranean labyrinth under Kiyomizu temple, among other twists and turns. From the ecstasy of a cherry blossom festival in the radiation zone to the ghosts inhabiting chopsticks, Mockett writes of both the earthly and the sublime with extraordinary sensitivity. Her unpretentious and engaging voice makes her the kind of companion a reader wants to stay with wherever she goes, even into the heart of grief itself.

Precedents in Architecture

Precedents in Architecture Author Roger H. Clark
ISBN-10 0442216688
Release 1985
Pages 224
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Professionals and students will gain valuable insights from this analysis of evolutionary processes in the history of architecture. It explores similarities rather than differences among various architects' approaches to classic design issues. Illustrated.