Ethics of Consumption

Ethics of Consumption Author Crocker
ISBN-10 9780585165301
Release 2000-01-01
Pages 564
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Scholars in diverse fields now agree on the importance of investigating the impact of consumption practices on the global environment, quality of life, and international justice. In this comprehensive collection of essays, most of which appear for the first time, eminent scholars from many disciplines—philosophy, economics, sociology, political science, demography, theology, history, and social psychology—examine the causes, nature, and consequences of present-day consumption patterns in the United States and throughout the world. Specifically, the essays evaluate the impact of consumption practices on our own lives, our institutions, other people, and the environment. The contributors give explicit attention to the principles relevant for a consumption ethic, as well as to the policies and practices that such an ethic permits or requires. These engaging, jargon-free essays frame the problem of consumption in a variety of ways, challenging readers to see the issue from new perspectives. For scholars and students from across the disciplines, as well as for environmental and consumer activists, this volume will serve as the touchstone for discussions of consumption and global stewardship.

John Ruskin and the Ethics of Consumption

John Ruskin and the Ethics of Consumption Author David Melville Craig
ISBN-10 0813925584
Release 2006
Pages 422
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The first book on the Victorian critic and public intellectual John Ruskin by a scholar of religion and ethics, this work recovers both Ruskin's engaged critique of economic life and his public practice of moral imagination. With its reading of Ruskin as an innovative contributor to a tradition of ethics concerned with character, culture, and community, this book recasts established interpretations of Ruskin's place in nineteenth-century literature and aesthetics, challenges nostalgic diagnoses of the supposed historical loss of virtue ethics, and demonstrates the limitations of any politics that eschews common purpose as vital to individual agency and social welfare. Although Ruskin's moralistic efforts did not always allow for democratic individuality, equality, and contestation, his eclecticism, Craig argues, helps to correct these problems. Further, Ruskin's interdisciplinary explorations of beauty, work, nature, religion, politics, and economic value reveal the ways in which his insights into the practical connections between aesthetics and ethics, and culture and character, might be applied to today’s debates about liberal modernity today. With the triumph of global capitalism, and the near-silence of any opposing voice, Ruskin’s model of an engaged reading of culture and his public practice of moral imagination deserve renewed attention. This book provides students in religion, politics, and social theory with a timely reintroduction to this timeless figure.

The Ethics of Consumption

The Ethics of Consumption Author Helena Röcklinsberg
ISBN-10 9789086862313
Release 2013
Pages 537
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We are all consumers. What we consume, how, and how much, has consequences of great moral importance for humans, animals, and the environment. Great challenges lie ahead as we are facing population growth and climate change and reduced availability of fossil fuels.It is often argued that key to meeting those challenges is changing consumption patterns among individual as well as institutions, for instance through reducing meat consumption, switching to organic or fair trade products, boycotting or 'buycotting' certain products, or consuming less overall. There is considerable disagreement regarding how to bring this about, whose responsibility it is, and even whether it is desirable. Is it a question of political initiatives, producer responsibility, the virtues and vices of individual consumers in the developed world, or something else? Many of these issues pose profound intellectual challenges at the intersection of ethics, political philosophy, economics, and several other fields. This publication brings together contributions from scholars in numerous disciplines, including philosophy, law, economics, sociology and animal welfare, who explore the theme of 'the ethics of consumption' from different angles.

Ethical Consumption

Ethical Consumption Author James G. Carrier
ISBN-10 9780857453426
Release 2012
Pages 238
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Increasingly, consumers in North America and Europe see their purchasing as a way to express to the commercial world their concerns about trade justice, the environment and similar issues. This ethical consumption has attracted growing attention in the press and among academics. Extending beyond the growing body of scholarly work on the topic in several ways, this volume focuses primarily on consumers rather than producers and commodity chains. It presents cases from a variety of European countries and is concerned with a wide range of objects and types of ethical consumption, not simply the usual tropical foodstuffs, trade justice and the system of fair trade. Contributors situate ethical consumption within different contexts, from common Western assumptions about economy and society, to the operation of ethical-consumption commerce, to the ways that people's ethical consumption can affect and be affected by their social situation. By locating consumers and their practices in the social and economic contexts in which they exist and that their ethical consumption affects, this volume presents a compelling interrogation of the rhetoric and assumptions of ethical consumption.

The Business of Consumption

The Business of Consumption Author Laura Westra
ISBN-10 0847686698
Release 1998-01-01
Pages 377
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At the forefront of international concerns about global legislation and regulation, a host of noted environmentalists and business ethicists examine ethical issues in consumption from the points of view of environmental sustainability, economic development, and free enterprise. Visit our website for sample chapters!

Ethics and Morality in Consumption

Ethics and Morality in Consumption Author Deirdre Shaw
ISBN-10 9781317653936
Release 2016-04-14
Pages 300
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Ethical consumerism is on the rise. No longer bound to the counter-cultural fringes, ethical concerns and practices are reaching into the mainstream of society and being adopted by everyday consumers – from considering carbon miles to purchasing free-range eggs to making renewable energy choices. The wide reach and magnitude of ethical issues in society across individual and collective consumption has given rise to a series of important questions that are inspiring scholars from a range of disciplinary areas. These differing disciplinary lenses, however, tend to be contained in separate streams of research literature that are developing in parallel and in relative isolation. Ethics in Morality and Consumption takes an interdisciplinary perspective to provide multiple vantage points in creating a more holistic and integrated view of ethics in consumption. In this sense, interdisciplinary presupposes the consideration of multiple and distinct disciplines, which in this book are considered in delineated chapters. In addition, the Editors make an editorial contribution in the final chapter of the book by combining these separate disciplinary perspectives to develop a nascent interdisciplinary perspective that integrates these perspectives and presents platforms for further research.

Ethical Consumption

Ethical Consumption Author Tania Lewis
ISBN-10 9781135282394
Release 2013-01-11
Pages 312
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A not-so-quiet revolution seems to be occurring in wealthy capitalist societies - supermarkets selling ‘guilt free’ Fairtrade products; lifestyle TV gurus exhorting us to eat less, buy local and go green; neighbourhood action groups bent on ‘swopping not shopping’. And this is happening not at the margins of society but at its heart, in the shopping centres and homes of ordinary people. Today we are seeing a mainstreaming of ethical concerns around consumption that reflects an increasing anxiety with - and accompanying sense of responsibility for - the risks and excesses of contemporary lifestyles in the ‘global north’. This collection of essays provides a range of critical tools for understanding the turn towards responsible or conscience consumption and, in the process, interrogates the notion that we can shop our way to a more ethical, sustainable future. Written by leading international scholars from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds - and drawing upon examples from across the globe - Ethical Consumption makes a major contribution to the still fledgling field of ethical consumption studies. This collection is a must-read for anyone interested in the relationship between consumer culture and contemporary social life.

Exploring and Articulating Ethics in Consumption

Exploring and Articulating Ethics in Consumption Author Sarah Marie Hall
ISBN-10 OCLC:768069416
Release 2010
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Exploring and Articulating Ethics in Consumption has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Exploring and Articulating Ethics in Consumption also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Exploring and Articulating Ethics in Consumption book for free.

Hidden Hands in the Market

Hidden Hands in the Market Author Geert de Neve
ISBN-10 9781848550582
Release 2008
Pages 324
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Annotation "The essays contribute to a series of current debates within the social sciences about what drives alternative Market engagements, how they are understood and represented by different actors, and what makes their outcomes often ambivalent or contradictory. They address disjunctions between discourses and practices, and internal inconsistencies within ethical movements and corporate initiatives. The volume as a whole engages with questions about morality and the economy, the creation and circulation of value, and, ultimately, the possibility of making alternatives work. In doing so, the contributors reveal the many fields of power at work within the Market as well as within the movements advocating more ethical economic relationships. The volume will be of particular interest to social scientists, business and management studies scholars, and a range of practitioners."--Jacket.

The Ethical Consumer

The Ethical Consumer Author Rob Harrison
ISBN-10 141290353X
Release 2005-04-23
Pages 259
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Focusing on ethical consumers, their behaviour, discourses and narratives as well as the social and political contexts in which they operate, this text provides a summary of the manner and effectiveness of their actions.

The Taste for Ethics

The Taste for Ethics Author Christian Coff
ISBN-10 1402045530
Release 2006-02-14
Pages 212
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The field of ethics must be extended to cover responsibility for the production and choice of foodstuffs. This book shows how the focus of ethics can be expanded from its concern for the good life with and for others to cover the good life in fair food production practices.

Managing Ethical Consumption in Tourism

Managing Ethical Consumption in Tourism Author Clare Weeden
ISBN-10 9781317999690
Release 2014-02-05
Pages 280
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Neither the tourism industry nor the tourist has responded convincingly to calls for more responsibility in tourism. Ethical consumption places pressure on travellers to manage a large number of decisions at a time when hedonic motivations threaten to override other priorities. Unsurprisingly, tensions occur and compromises are made. This book offers new insight into the motivations that influence tourists and their decision-making. It explores how consumers navigate the responsible tourism market place and provide a rich understanding of the challenges facing those seeking to encourage travellers to become responsible. Not only will the book provide an improved interpretation of the complexity of ethical consumption in tourism, but it will also offer a variety of stakeholders a deeper understanding of: the key challenges facing stakeholders in the production and consumption of responsible tourism how ethical consumers can be influenced to consume ethically the gaps in consumer knowledge and how to broaden the appeal for individuals to make more informed ethical decisions how tour operators can respond to this emerging market by innovative product development how to design informative marketing communications to encourage a greater uptake for responsible holidays how destinations can tailor their products to the ethical consumer market how destination communities and management organisations can target responsible tourists through the provision of sustainable alternatives to mass-market holiday products. Written by leading academics from all over the world, this timely and important volume will be valuable reading for ubdergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers and academics interested in Tourism Ethics, Ethical Consumption and the global issue of Sustainability.

Consumption Norms and Everyday Ethics

Consumption Norms and Everyday Ethics Author L. Pellandini-Simánya
ISBN-10 9781137022509
Release 2014-03-11
Pages 218
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How much is acceptable to consume? What is appropriate to consume and which goods fall into the disapproved category? Answers to these questions vary widely across time and space. This book examines the sources of this variation by providing an account of how everyday consumption norms develop, why they differ and why they change.


Foooodscapes Author Rick Dolphijn
ISBN-10 UOM:39015061458728
Release 2004
Pages 115
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"After traveling through the cities of Hangzhou, China, Boston, U.S.A., Bangalore, India, and Lyon, France; after 107 conversations within these cities, and after studying the thoughts of Gilles Deleuze, Rick Dolphijn explores the realms of food. Traveling throughout the world AND the world of philosophy, he opens up four different spaces (the four different parts of this book) in which various experiments take place in thinking how we relate to the edible; connecting the edible to such concepts as the self, the event, the State, health, dietetics, territoriality, capitalism, and nomadology, to name just a few. He shows us how the micropolitics of food is capable of showing us everything. Thus, it performs an ethics of life"--P. [4] of cover.

Ethical Consumption

Ethical Consumption Author Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier
ISBN-10 1552665836
Release 2013
Pages 124
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Consumers are often importuned to exercise responsibility in the market sphere and to consume with an eye to their obligations as citizens. They express their ideals directly through their purchases, participating in larger-scale protests: boycotting products from a large multinational corporation, buying ethical products, resisting advertising campaigns and supporting alternative forms of trade. Whether in the form of a small collective action or a mass movement, the capacity to put new environmental or ethical social issues on the political, economic or media agenda via the market is quite real. While most ethical consumption does not challenge capitalism or the very foundations of the market itself, it does raise issues and consciousness about social and environmental justice. In Ethical Consumption, Dubuisson-Quellier suggests that ethical consumption can create a consumerism that is not only a forum for expressing the needs and wants as the market has done in the past, but as a space for the construction of social responsibility.

Consumption and Everyday Life

Consumption and Everyday Life Author Mark Paterson
ISBN-10 9781317337843
Release 2017-10-25
Pages 336
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With an emphasis on everyday life, this respected text offers a lively and perceptive account of the key theories and ideas which dominate the field of consumption and consumer culture. Engaging case studies describe forms of consumption familiar to the student, provide some historical context, and illustrate how a range of theoretical perspectives – from theories of practice, to semiotics, to psychoanalysis – apply. Written by an experienced teacher, the book offers a comprehensive grounding drawing on the literature in sociology, geography, cultural studies, and anthropology. This new revised and expanded edition includes more extended discussion of gender, the senses, sustainability, globalization, and the environment, as well as a brand-new chapter on the ethics of consumption.

The Ethics of Environmentally Responsible Health Care

The Ethics of Environmentally Responsible Health Care Author Jessica Pierce
ISBN-10 9780195139037
Release 2004
Pages 149
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This book shows how environmental decline relates to human health and to health care practices in the U.S. and other industrialized countries. It outlines the environmental trends that will strongly affect health, and challenges us to see the connections between ways of practicing medicine and the very environmental problems that damage ecosystems and make people sick. In addition to philosophical analysis of the converging values of bioethics and environmental ethics, the book offers case studies as well as a number of practical suggestions for moving health care toward sustainability.